Small victories when depressed

I am depressed and I am not afraid to admit this. But when you're depressed, small things seem to be more difficult. Here are a few small victories I had in the past couple of days.

When you’re depressed little tasks sometimes feel very close to impossible. I find it important to compliment myself everytime I actually accomplish something, how small it may be. It might seem like nothing to you, but yo me these little things are a big deal.

Getting out of bed right when I wake up

When I wake up in the morning, I simply don’t want to get out of bed. Usually it takes me an hour, sometimes two or even longer to even pick up my glasses. I will stay in bed, toss and turn, try to go back to sleep as I simply don’t want another day to start. Some days, however, I get out of bed immediately after I wake up. I consider that a small victory!

Take a shower

Ok, this might sound a bit gross. But showering is a huge task for me. Next to my mental health, I also don’t have the best physical health. So showers are extra hard for me. It takes quite some willpower to convince myself to shower, as it means standing on one place for a prolonged amount of time and it also means a lot of thinking time. Taking a shower is something I consider another small victory, because it’s something I either forget or can’t convince myself of doing.

Taking my medication

I should be taking my medication every day. But do I do that? No. Some days, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Taking my medication means getting out of bed, go to my medicine drawer (it didn’t fit in the bag anymore), get some water and actually making the effort to count my pills and swallow it.

Having two meals on the same day

Yes, I know… You’re supposed to have three meals a day. But let’s start with two, ok? Some days I eat nothing at all, but most days I at least eat dinner because I have a boyfriend that needs to eat too. Lunch is often forgotten and let’s not even talk about breakfast.

Wearing actual clothes instead of my pajamas

Changing out of my pajamas and choose something to wear is a task on it’s own. Bonus points if I haven’t worn the outfit earlier that week and it actually got washed in the meantime. Most days I am more likely to just wear my pajamas or a pair of leggings with a t-shirt. So getting dressed is a small victory to me!

These five small victories maybe sound like nothing special to you, but to me they take a whole lot of energy. And a whole lot of convincing myself to simply do them. It’s important to stand still and realise these small little victories, because I’ve done them and I should at least feel a little proud. Because to me, they are not as naturally as they might be for another person. So celebrate your victories, no matter how small they are!

2 thoughts on “Small victories when depressed

  1. Can sympathize with this. Sometimes I’ll count my victories as, “5-10 minutes of walking” “eating a different meal” “playing poker online” “talking to my friends” and other incredibly normal things that don’t involve lying in the couch, fantasizing about terrible things happening to me.

  2. This is a great article, and it can help a lot of people. Celebrating the small victories is so important. I’ve been there. Continue writing and sharing because your words are a light in the darkness.

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