July 2020 – Wrap up

July went by in a flash and we're already well into August. That means I will be doing another monthly wrap up for you guys! What has happened the past month? I share all the important happenings through these posts with you guys!

The Birthdays Continued

In July the birthdays continued and even multiplied. I ended up having a birthday every weekend, with one birthday lasting a whole week because apparently it’s a cultural thing. I think I’ve had enough social interaction for a whole month. Sadly enough, it seems like August will have many more birthdays.

New obsession: Soap!

So, I’ve gotten a new hyperfocus; Soap. I found this youtube channel called Royalty Soap and kinda got into it real fast. I am just fascinated by the creative process of designing and making soap! So much, that I have started ordering things myself to start making soaps! I can’t wait until my orders arrive and I can start experimenting!

Not that much therapy

My therapist is on vacation for like four weeks. Of course, I have gotten an emergency number… And I’ve had to use it twice this month… But not having any therapy really does a number on my mental health. I’m tired, can’t concentrate, am jumpy and grumpy… Only two weeks to go and then I have another session again! Meanwhile, I do have my exercises and stuff to do.

I don’t have to return to my job…

I’m not sure how it works in other countries, but here in the Netherlands we work with contracts. Now my contract is ending in September and my boss has told me I don’t have to return because they won’t be extending my contract due to being sick at home. This makes me sad, because I absolutely love my job. I’ll be collecting benefits until further notice, but I do hope to find a job I love just as much!

Searching for a new house

For almost 10 months already have we been searching for a new home. Finally, we have a decent chance! Sadly enough, the sighting-date is in September so we will have to wait a full month. And after that, we have to wait a couple of weeks before we’ll get news if we got the house or not. Wish us luck!

News from the DID-specialist

Something I wanted to talk about, but kept secret until now, was the fact that on of my ‘maybe’ diagnoses is Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’ve gotten my indication from the DID-specialist and referral to get it further checked and researched. It’s going to be a long process, but if they discover what I have then they will be better able to help me! I will keep you guys updated about this! Maybe through individual updates? Maybe through these monthly ones? What would you prefer?

Basically, that was my month in a nutshell! It was another rollercoaster month but we’re getting there! How was your month?

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